Berat Legend

Long ago in Berat, a picturesque town in Albania, the residents were content with their lives until they decided to boost tourism by creating a town of 1000 windows. The plan was for each person to construct 5 windows on their home, but Gezim, a vain man, went against the agreement and built 6 windows instead. 

Outraged by Gezim’s defiance, the other villagers punished him by throwing him into the Osumi River, and they swore to never speak of the 1001st window again.

However, news of the town of 1000 windows spread rapidly, attracting visitors from across the country and boosting Berat’s economy. 

Years later, Gezim’s son sought revenge by revealing to the villagers and other municipalities that Berat actually had 1001 windows. The townspeople were furious and attempted to punish Gezim’s son, but he and his family tragically took their own lives.

Despite the tragedy, the revelation of the 1001st window only increased interest in Berat, drawing even more tourists to the town’s unique architecture, delicious food, and stunning location by the Tomorr Mountain and Osumi River.

Today, people from all over the world continue to visit Berat to uncover the mystery of the 1001 windows and to experience the town’s charm and beauty.

Join us on a journey to Berat, where you can discover the hidden gem of Albania and learn more about its fascinating history.