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why us


Balkan Paradise

Over the last ten years on the lands of the Balkans, the Balkan Paradise tour agency has provided its clients, with its three branches in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, the finest various tourism services. The agency had gained the confidence of travelers, to become the favorite destination for luxury holidays, from the Gulf region, to Asia and Europe.
The head office of Balkan Paradise is located in the Albanian capital, Tirana, in Bloku district, the most famous district of Tirana and its main center, in Pirjada No. 7.
with license and Commercial Registration No M22008018O
providing B2C – B2B services

4 years of experience

Our Mission

Since the inception of our company, the Balkan Paradise family has aimed to provide all travelers and travel enthusiasts with a unique and exceptional journey at a reasonable cost, with the help of a competent team. This is what we have been committed to providing over the past decade, and we strive to maintain it and offer even more through our team of professionals who specialize in organizing tourist packages for individuals and groups, and who have an in-depth knowledge of the Balkan map. As a result, our tourism programs have distinguished themselves and have taken the lead in the competition between service providers in Albania and the Balkans

Our Goal

” Our goal is to provide the optimal atmosphere for a memorable vacation, from the moment of arrival until departure, using all possible means, in a manner suitable to the most trusted company among dear clients. “

Our Vision

” We aspire to improve tourism in Albania and the Balkan to the highest possible level, so that our wonderful country can gain the status it deserves among the world’s tourist destinations. our visitors always say, “The Balkan is God’s gift to the earth”.

Our Services

Our travel packages and services in every country are always competitive with other companies offering the same programs and hotel reservations, with quality standards beyond comparison.
B2B – Our company has several agreements with Arab companies and suppliers in the Gulf region and Asia, with the best possible prices and services. All this thanks to our cooperation with important and distinguished hotels in all Albanian cities and other Balkan countries, as well as group services.
We have a dedicated team for operations and monitoring to achieve maximum comfort and quality for our valuable clients.

4 years of experience

Family history

Our family is well-known in the Balkan region, especially in Albania and Kosovo. We are also known to many Gulf embassies in Balkan countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as have received many awards in various forums.


Balkan Paradise Tours company offers you a variety of the best offers and distinguished tourism programs. It suits the Arab tourist of all categories and tastes.


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