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Traveler’s guide


Traveler’s guide

Important information for visitors

Albania and its people welcome you with open hearts, promising you an unforgettable adventure where the country exceeds your imagination.

The country is abundant in natural wonders, from towering mountains and expansive forests and lakes to unique beaches.

Albania is located in the western part of the Balkans, sharing borders with Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Greece, while the Adriatic and Ionian Seas border it to the west and southwest.

The Albanian people are one of the oldest in the Balkans, having been under Ottoman rule for 500 years and enduring the harshest communist regimes for 50 years.

Population : around 2.860.000 people (INSTAT: 2019)
Surface : 28.750 km2
Capital : Tirana
Origin : Ancentors of the Illyrians
Religion : Islam, Orthodox and Roman Catholic
Language : Albanian

National Emergency Center : 112
National Police : 129
Hospital Emergency : 127
Street Patrol Police : 126
Fire Department : 128

the language

They speak the Albanian language, which consists of 36 letters, so the rest of the world’s languages are easy compared to it.

Young people speak English fluently, and the religious among them speak Arabic.
You will find older people speaking Italian and Greek as well.

the currency

The local currency is called lek 1 € = 115 lk

But the euro or the dollar can be used in daily transactions as well.

ATMs are available in major cities.

In remote places, it is preferable to have cash

Nature and weather in Albania

NATURE : Albania is a mountainous country, with 28% of its territory being composed of mountains. Hills make up 47% of the land, while the remaining areas are flat and lie at an altitude of around 300 meters above sea level.

The mountains of Albania are breathtaking in their beauty, with their pine forests and clean air.

The mountainous regions in Albania are divided into four areas: the Albanian Alps to the north, the central mountainous region, the southern mountainous region, and the western mountainous region.

WEATHER : Albania considers within the Mediterranean climate.

The weather throughout the year is generally cold and rainy, except for the period between June and September.

The highest temperature recorded during summer is 40C, while the lowest temperature during winter is 4C away from snowy areas.

  • It is a mountainous country .
  • Most of Albania’s area consists of mountains, with 28% .
  • Hills of 47% and the rest of the flats above sea level by 300 meters, characterized by the fact that the average height above sea level is 708 meters twice higher than the normal rate in all of Europe.
  • The mountains of Albania are breathtaking with their beauty, coniferous forests and clean air.
  • The mountainous regions of Albania are divided into four regions: the Alps in the north, the central mountainous regions, and the south and west.
  • It is located within the Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and rainy winters.
  • Throughout the year there is cold and rain, except from June to September.
  • The highest temperature that can be recorded in summer is 40 Celsius, and the lowest temperature in winter is 4, away from snow areas

Entry to Albania

By Air : There is only one airport 17 KM away from Tirana, called “TIA” Tirana International Airport, or Rinas Airport, under the name of Mother Teresa.

Flights often take 3 hours, whether from major European cities or from most Arab countries.

By sea : There are 4 major ports: Schengen, Durres, Vlora, Saranda

By land : Albania is connected by roads to all surrounding Balkan countries, also most of the European countries.

Moving Around : It takes 8-9 hours from north to south.
There is a network of bus routes connecting Albania by road, based in the capital city of Tirana, and branching out north and south.

Private cars and taxis are preferred for transportation throughout the country. Driving in Albania can be challenging due to the difficult roads, so it is recommended to seek local assistance.

It is advised not to fully rely on Google Maps, as changes in infrastructure and roads occur faster than updates in maps.


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