Grunasi waterfall

One of the most astonishing natural attractions in the Theth National Park and in the Albanian Alps.

Grunasi waterfall is located on the western slope of the Theth valley in the Albanian Alps. The water falls from a height of 25 m. At the bottom of the waterfall natural bath with emerald water is created, from which water flows into the valley of Theth, join the Shala River, at the beginning of the Grunasi canyon.

The Blue Eye

The most frequented natural attraction in Theth. This amazing attraction is placed in the village of Kaprre, 7 km away from Theth village, which is part of Thethi National Park.

It is a well with a surface of about 100 m2 and about 4-5 m deep, which is formed by the Black River flow that descends from the upper Kaprrea. Located between rocky and green slopes, with its depth this well takes on the colors of blue and emerald depending on the season, forming a fascinating landscape.

Theth National Park

 Located in the northern part of Albania near the border with Montenegro. The park covers an area of 10.15 square miles creating another small park within the country packed with natural wonders. The Albanian Alps and the Shala Valley are at the heart of the national park. The park is characterized by thick forests, meandering rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and striking rock formations. The diverse ecosystems serve as home to a variety of wildlife species such as: The brown bear, chamois, roe deer, lynx, wild goat, and the gray wolf. The golden eagle is one of the most exciting sightings from the 50 species of birds nesting or migrating through the park.