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Hamza Alhaider

Chairman of Balkan Paradise Tours, CEO of Balkan Real Estate and Balkan digital marketing

Noor Moussa

COO of Balkan Paradise Tours Albania & Kosovo.

Mahdy Saleh

The Exclusive representative of Balkan paradise Group in Saudi Arabia

Aurora Mulla

OM of Balkan Paradise Tours Montenegro branch

Caroline Yanni

OM of Balkan Paradise Tours Kosovo branch

Lamees Mohamed

Marketing director of Balkan paradise tours & the Social media consultant at balkan group.

Mohammed Aly

Reservation Manager at Balkan Paradise Tours

Adeeb David

Business Development Manager and IT director

Asmaa Ayman

HR of Balkan tours and Balkan Real Estate

David Shafouk

Marketing & Media Planner at Balkan paradise tours.

Anisa Morena

Reservation Manager at Balkan Paradise Tours


Reservation Management at Balkan Paradise Tours

Tarek Al-Shaikh

Tour guide Supervisor & Coordinator

Ahmed AL-Hout

WordPress Specialist and Website Development Team Manager.

Karma Adel

Graphic designer & GM of Balkan design team.

Shorouk Al-Anani

Social Media Team operator at Balkan Paradise Tours

Andy Molla

Transportation Manager & Logistics at Balkan Paradise Tours

Reem Mohey

Content Creator & Social media Specialist

Shadi Al-Medani

Content strategist & Marketing Associate

Aurora Vata

Professional Photographer and the team leader of Balkan Photography Team.


Balkan Paradise Tours company offers you a variety of the best offers and distinguished tourism programs. It suits the Arab tourist of all categories and tastes.


8RV2+872 Inn space center, Tiranë 1001, Albania


+355 68 600 1221