Benja Thermal Baths

These unique, natural baths are fed by the Lengarica River

And are said to have special therapeutic benefits. There are three baths, and each is said to benefit a different part of your body.

One of the three baths has skin-healing properties. The second has a reputation for healing the kidneys, while the third heals the hearts.

It should come as no surprise that these baths are extremely popular, especially during the summer. The baths have a sulfuric scent and are unique in that they are cool during the summer and hot in the winter.

Katiu Bridge

The gorgeous relic of the Ottoman Empire straddles the beautiful Lengarica River in the Fir of Hotova National Park. As for the Ottoman bridges, it is on the smaller side and is composed of a large arch that crosses the Lengarica gorge. But even though it’s small, doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular.

The bridge is an absolute beauty. It’s one of roughly two dozen Ottoman bridges in the country. it is recommended to climb the bridge, where you’ll get fantastic views of the river, surrounding gorge, and the Benja Thermal Baths below.