Charming village located in the Šar Mountains, south of Kosovo.
It is known for its stunning natural scenery, with rolling hills, lush forests, and crystal-clear rivers. The village is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.
Prevalla is also famous for its traditional architecture, with many of its houses built using stone and wood. Prevalla is also known for its delicious cuisine, with many restaurants serving traditional dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.
One of the main attractions in Prevalla is the Brezovica Ski Resort, which is located just a short drive from the village. The resort offers a variety of skiing and snowboarding trails for all levels of experience, as well as other winter activities such as snowshoeing and tobogganing.
In the summer months, Prevalla is a popular destination for hiking and camping, with several trails leading to the nearby peaks and forests. The village is also home to several natural springs and waterfalls, which are popular spots for swimming and picnicking.