Lagoon of Patok

When the coast, lagoon, estuaries or marshes meet each other, the result is undoubtedly impressive. it is the case of the Patok-Fushë Kuqe-Ishëm natural park.

Over 358 species of tall plants and up to 179 species of birds populate the entire area, turning it into a true paradise for biodiversity enthusiasts. The flora and fauna of the Patok Lagoon attract thousands of visitors every year, who, through boat trips in the calm Lagoon, have the opportunity to see a real natural treasure up close.

it is only 50 km from Tirana, The landscape is further embellished by the small wooden huts built on the lagoon, which from a distance create the feeling as if you are observing the famous bungalows of the Pacific islands. In these wooden huts you will be able to enjoy the traditional and delicious cooking of Patok’s restaurants